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removes id based on array len

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......@@ -35,17 +35,10 @@ func (b *Building) New(openFrom string, openDuration string, workdays []string)
// AddRoom adds rooms to building.
// takes number and capacity
func (b *Building) AddRoom(roomNumber int, capacity int) (room *Room, err error) {
all := b.GetRooms()
var onlyRooms []*Room
for _, rooms := range all {
onlyRooms = append(onlyRooms, rooms)
id := len(all)
room, err = b.GetRoomByNo(roomNumber)
if err != nil {
room = &Room{ID: id, Number: roomNumber, Capacity: capacity}
room = &Room{Number: roomNumber, Capacity: capacity}
b.Rooms = append(b.Rooms, room)
err = nil
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